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Current Issue

Volume 11

No. 1

January, 2007


Correction of Complex Foot Deformities by Ilizarov External Fixation

Abd El-Salam M. Hefny, M.D.                  (Egypt)


Fractures of Distal Tibia Indirect Screws Fixation of Tibia Through Fibular Plate

Mohamed Roshdy, M.D., Sherif M. Abdelgaid, M.D.

& Abdel-Bary Mahgoob, M.D.                  (Kuwait)


One Stage Intervention for Infected, Non-United, Short Tibia.

Ahmad S. Allam, M.D.                               (Egypt)


Buttress-Condylar Plating in Treatment of Intercondylar Supracondylar Fractures of Distal Femur

M-Hosam Nagy, M.D., Emad El- Mehy, M.D.

& Khaled Issa, M.D.                                  (Egypt)


Osteoporosis of The Hip in Pregnancy and Lactation

Abulfotooh Eid, M.D., Khaled Eladwar, M.D., Ihab Badawi, M.D. &

Tarek Elkhadrawi, M.D.                             (Egypt)


Surgical Management of the Piriformis Syndrome: A Report of Twenty Two Cases

Hatem GZ Said, M.D., NJ Talbot, M.D.,

JH Wilson, M.D. & WG Thomas, M.D.      (Egypt)


Bone Removed in Two Different Concepts of Hip Bone Conservative Arthroplasty

Ayman Soliman Ismail Soliman, M.D.

& Tarek Ali Abdel Kader El-Khadrawe, M.D.



Total Hip Arthroplasty in Posttraumatic

Asetabular Deficiency a Short-Term Follow-Up

Tarek Abu A1 Noor, M.D.                         (Egypt)


Predictors Affecting The Results of Impaction Grafting for Revision Hip Surgery

Aylnan Soliman Ismail Soliman, M.D. and

Tarek Ali Abdel Kader El-Khadrawe, M.D.(Egypt-UK)


The First Egyptian Experience with Total Inter-Vertebral Disc Prosthesis in Treatment of Degenerative Lumbar Disc with 30 Months Follow UP

Mohamed Ahmed Maziad, M.D., Tarek Abdel Azeem, M.D., Tamer Ahmed Elsobky, M.D., Mohamed Fawzy Khattab, M.D. & Ali Mohamed Maziad, M.D.



Fractures of The Clavicle, When To Fix

Mohamed Hosam Nagy, M.D., Khaled Issa, M.D., &

Ayman S. Khalil, M.D.                                (Egypt)


Arthroscopic Treatment of Recurrent Traumatic Anterior Instability of The Shoulder Using Suture Anchors

Khaled Mohamed Abd El Halim Hafez, M.D.

& Maged Ramsis Hanna, M.D.                   (Egypt)


Early Results of Treatment of Proximal Humeral Fracturesin The Elderly by Modified Hackethal Technique

Tarek Abu A1 Noor, M.D.                         (Egypt)


Carpal Tunnel Decompression:

A Randomised Controlled Trail of Endoscopic Versus Ouen Release

Ashraf  N. Moharra M.D, ., Wael T. Kaptan, M.D.,

Mohamed M. Hegazi, M.D. & Tamer T. Kamal M.D.



Treatment of Comminuted Fractures of The Distal

Radius with External Fixation and Tricalcium Phosphate Spacer

Moheb Fadel, M.D.                                    (Egypt)


Arthroscopic Debridement for Treatment of  Kienbock's Disease

A.N. Moharram  M.D.                                (Egypt)


Recurrent Osteochondroma of the Phalanges of The Hand: Review of Literature and a Case Report

Ali M. Reda Mansour, M.D. & Yasser A. Radwan, M.D.



Discoid Medial Meniscus (Case Report)

Mahmoud S. Gad, M.D., Farid Ezzat, M.D.

& Mohamed A. Nass, M.D.                         (Kuwait)


Treatment of a Difficult Complicated Non-Union of The Humerus Since 17 Years Successfully by Using llizarov Method:

a Case Report

Ashraf A. Khanfour, M.D.                            (Egypt)



Tuberculous Osteomyelitis of The Calcaneous (Case Report)

Mahmoud S. Gad, M.D., Farid Ezznt, M.D.

& Sa~nirS halabi, M.D.                                (Kuwait)


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